Ito Shinsui Catalogue

The following were woodblock prints not found in the catalogue raisonne: Watanabe Tadasu, Ito Shinsui: All the Woodblock Prints, 1993.

YearTitleJapanese titleMedium
1997Spring Evening春宵Colour woodblock
1991Strumming爪びきColour woodblock
1985Arranging Chrysanthemums菊を活ける勅使ヶ原霞女史Colour woodblock
1985Beauty and Cherry Blossoms桜美人Colour woodblock
1985FireflyColour woodblock
1985Garden in Autumn秋庭Colour woodblock
1985Garden in Early Summer初夏の庭Colour woodblock
1985Hand Mirror手鏡Colour woodblock
1985Michitose三千歳Colour woodblock
1985Snow Storm吹雪Colour woodblock
1985WhisperささやきColour woodblock
1982Beauty and Bush Clover萩美人Colour woodblock
1982First Shimada Hairstyle初島田Colour woodblock
1982Kanzashi Hair OrnamentかんざしColour woodblock
1982SpringColour woodblock
1980Ancient Beauty古代美人Colour woodblock
1980Spring Snow春雪Colour woodblock
1980Vapor湯気Colour woodblock
1979Spring Rain春雨Colour woodblock
1977After Bathing浴後Colour woodblock
1976Milky Way Festival銀河祭りColour woodblock
1970Tea Ceremony御点前Colour woodblock
1965Tea Ceremony茶の湯Colour woodblock
1964Nō Dance - Kumano仕舞「熊野」Colour woodblock
1956[Beauty]Colour woodblock
1950Beauty and Plum Blossoms梅に美人Colour woodblock
1950Summer Beauty and Bamboo竹に夏美人Colour woodblock
1943[Rice Paddy in Vietnam]Colour woodblock
1930[Moga Girls]Colour woodblock
1930[Preparing Tea]Colour woodblock
1926SeisoColour woodblock